How to Place Wholesale Orders

Welcome to the new and improved Outhouse Designs website! You’ve invested in us, so we’ve invested in making a better shopping experience for you. It’s fresh with new features, mobile and desktop user friendly, and updated with all of our awesome merch. We hope you like it!!!

Below is a quick overview on how to place wholesale orders for Existing Partners:

Step 1.  Log in (located top right corner). This will generate wholesale pricing for pre-approved accounts throughout the site. Note: You may need to reset your password for first-time use on the new site if your previous password doesn’t work.

Step 2.  Once logged in, you now have a few options to create a wholesale order:

  • Use the new Wholesale Order Form to make bulk orders quickly. To locate, click Wholesale from the main menu, then Order Form found beneath Existing Partners. Once on the Order Form, click the Filters button to sort by Collections or product type. Or...
  • You may also view Previous Orders (located next to Wholesale Order Form mentioned above). From here, click View Order to make quantity adjustments and then submit as a new order, or click Repeat Order to place a reorder. Or...
  • Use the Main Menu buttons; begin by choosing New Arrivals, Shop, or Collections. This method is similar to how orders were placed on the previous site. Or…
  • Use the Search Button (located top left corner) to quickly search by keyword or style number.
Step 3.  When finished, click either shopping cart icon to View Your Cart. At this time, please review your order and make any final quantity adjustments if needed.

Step 4.  Lastly, click the WS Orders Checkout button and fill out any shipping instructions and/or notes, and confirm your shipping and billing address.
  • The software automatically calculates a retail vs wholesale savings, so you may notice retail pricing included with a strikethrough within the order summary on this page - please disregard.
  • The Shipping Instructions and Shipping Notes boxes are expandable to allow more room to write if needed. Increase their sizes by clicking the bottom right-hand corner of each box and drag down to expand.
  • Payment is still applied according to established terms.
Additional notes:
  • The software automatically calculates a retail vs wholesale savings, so you may notice a You Saved X dollar amount at the bottom below the Total on your order receipt - please disregard. 
  • Please keep in mind there is a 6-piece per product minimum and 36-piece order total minimum.
  • The shopping cart will keep any added items until they’re either removed or an order is placed.
  • The wholesale login no longer times out after inactivity so you can take your time. 😊


If you run into any issues or need additional help, please email us at

Thank you for your support and for shopping with Outhouse Designs!!